Some of the world’s finest wines will go under the hammer in a series of high-profile auctions by Sotheby’s. 

Over four decades, Taiwanese billionaire businessman Pierre Chen has grown a wine collection that is unsurpassed. In a series of five auctions, named The Epicurian’s Atlas, he is selling off large parts of his collection, starting in Hong Kong this November. Two further auctions will take place in July next year in Paris and Beaune, followed by one next September in New York and a final one in Hong Kong in November 2024. Each auction will focus a different type of wine or aspect of the collection and together the sales are expected to raise in excess of £40m. 

Of the 25,000 bottles up for grabs, oenophiles can expect rare vintages and extraordinary quality from wine greats such as Château Pétrus and Château Latour in all sizes from Jereboams (which contain four bottles) to Methuselahs (which contain eight bottles and are very hard to come by!). One of the highlights is expected to be an imperial of 1982 Pétrus which is predicted to sell for over £50,000. 

Sotheby’s describes Chen as an “epicurean and aesthete in equal measure whose collections of both wine and art rank among the greatest in the world”. 

If you have a spare bob or two to spend, you can register to bid in the auction at Sotheby’s. The first sale takes place on November 24 & 25. 

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