Are you looking to celebrate Noël à la française this year? Or perhaps you’d like to surprise friends and family by cooking a dish with a French twist? Fret not, here is our list of French-inspired Christmas recipes you can easily make at home. 

To Start: Amuse Bouche 

The first order of business has got to be the amuse bouche – or an apéro as the French call it. Kickstart the festivities by serving a glass of bubbly (or two) and small bites with a side of great conversation. For some, Christmas is the only time where family and friends can make time to come together, so why not make it special by serving these great appetizers to whet their appetite:

Poached oysters with sauce vierge
Blinis with smoked salmon and lime
Smoked salmon blinis with lime
Hot oysters with Beaufort cheese… the perfect festive amouse-bouche
Baked oysters with cheese
Salmon pâté with smoked salt
Huîtres á la sauce mignonette
Oysters with sauce mignonette

First Course: Starter 

After a great time mingling and catching up, it’s time to move to the dining table for the feast. To start, light starters and soups are recommended. From a delicious spread served on baguettes, to warming soups and great salads, find a recipe to suit your palate below: 

Goose foie gras with cherries and hibiscus
Goose foie gras with cherries and hibiscus
A baker with a french baguette in his hand
Simple French baguette to be served as a side
Gorgonzola, Pear and French Sea Salt Pasyan Breton on Toasted Baguette
Cream cheese spread to be served on bread
Pain d’épices Alsacien as a baguette alternative
French onion soup
French onion soup as a warming starter
Grilled peach and avocado salad with goat cheese
Peach and avocado salad with goat cheese

Second Course: Main 

Of course, you can’t forgo classic poultry dishes like roast turkey or chicken for Christmas – even in France! Typically served with side dishes such as gratin dauphinois and vichy carrots, these recipes are great crowd pleasers: 

Roast Turkey with Clementines and Garlic
Roast turkey with clementines and garlic

French roast chicken stuffed with fruits and nuts
Roast chicken stuffed with fruits and nuts
Slow cooked duck with blackberries, orange and cinnamon

Third Course: Cheese 

After a lovely hearty meal, cheese is a must! With thousands of French cheeses to choose from, curating the perfect French cheeseboard can seem like an impossible task. Luckily for you, we have the ideal recommendation: the ultimate cheeseboard to serve at Christmas. Better yet why not turn it into a cheeseboard game, and see how knowledgeable you and your guests are on French cheese?

Photo by Federica Gioia at Pexels

Fourth Course: Dessert 

The most traditional Christmas dessert has got to be the classic Christmas log, also known as Bûche De Noël. Choose from either the indulgent triple chocolate or boozy log from below, or even refer to this article for simple alternative treats instead.

Triple chocolate Christmas log recipe
Triple chocolate Christmas log
Vodka-infused Bûche De Noël
Vodka-infused Bûche De Noël

Final Course: Cookies and Treats 

The sit-down banquet has now concluded, which means it is time to revel in the after-meal glow and enjoy time in each other’s company. Whether you are opening presents, playing Christmas games, or dancing the night away, ensure that treats are available on the table for guests to nibble on throughout the evening!

Chocolate and amaretto truffles
Lavender honey madeleines
Lavender honey madeleines
Cappuccino molded bonbons
Cappuccino moulded bonbons
Dark chocolate macarons
Dark chocolate macarons


  1. Fabulous Christmas dinner ideas! I am taking my family to our French restaurant for Christmas dinner. Wonder if they will have some of those dishes.


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