Homage 2 Fromage’s new cheeseboard game

Gill Harris puts her taste buds to the test with Homage 2 Fromage’s new cheeseboard game delivered direct to your door… and finds it’s not so cheesy-peasy after all!

The first thing I did when I opened my Homage 2 Fromage parcel was think of all the lovely people who’d enjoy sharing it with me. And then I paced the sitting room as I waited for it to reach room temperature so I could tuck in all by myself. After all, cheese waits for no man!

The clever people at H2F have taken what is already a great concept – the cheeseboard – and improved on it, if that were possible, by turning it into a game.

Players take it in turns to roll the dice, move around the board and guess where in France the cheeses were made, while tasting them, of course! The pack comes with some delicious crackers and a couple of pots of chutney, too, all of which add to the yum-factor.

Homage 2 Fromage’s new cheeseboard game

Handily, although the cheeses are labelled only with numbers so as not to give any clues, each one has some basic info listed, such as whether it’s pasteurised or vegetarian, for those who need to know.

This really would be an ideal addition to any dinner party or Christmas table − simply crack open a bottle of port (or wine – whatever you fancy!) and put your knowledge of French cheeses to the test.

Quizzing fun aside, this is a fantastic cheeseboard, with six generous portions: as well as my own personal dégustation, I did also share with a chum and we still have plenty left. And without naming names (we wouldn’t want to spoil your fun) Homage 2 Fromage’s selection beautifully demonstrates the fantastic variety of the styles of cheese made in France – you might even find a new favourite. And they come carefully packaged in a chilled heat-proof parcel… frankly, post doesn’t get better than this!

So how did I do? Allowing myself a point for getting the region right and a point for actually naming the cheese correctly, I scored 7 out of 12… which clearly means I need to eat more cheese. I know just the place to go…

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