Foodie visitors to Paris will be able to enjoy a new immersive gastronomic experience from 2027 when the seven-hectare Cité de la gastronomie Paris-Rungis opens its doors.

Situated near the Rungis International Market 7km south of the capital and just 2km from Paris-Orly airport, the Cité will be a cultural and creative hub with an emphasis on sustainable food and responsible gastronomy. As well as educational events and temporary exhibitions, visitors will be able to take part in creative experiences at the gastronomic Fab Lab. The Cité takes the form of a gourmet quartier where visitors can wander between shops, drop into restaurants and wander through covered streets where large banquets and live gastronomic shows can be held. There will also be educational gardens organised in close association with nearby urban farms.

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The team behind the project says: “The Cité de la gastronomie is a place of meetings and exchanges for locals and tourists in search of knowledge and shared experiences. Trainers and professionals will be able to discuss societal issues around the production and food of tomorrow, new social practices or changes in professions. The Cité will promote lifelong learning and will be a resource hub for the world of education, research and the professional environment.”

A part of its ethical directive, the Cité will focus on healthy eating and quality food as well as ways to reduce our environmental impact. 

A new metro line will connect the Cité to Paris-Gare de Lyon in 20 minutes. The network of Cités de la gastronomie (there are others in Lyon and Dijon) aims to promote the French gastronomic heritage as part of the French gastronomic meal’s inclusion on UNESCO’s list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.


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