A lively Provençal port, Marseille has been a melting pot of nationalities since it was founded by the Greeks around 600BC. So expect a wide choice of Mediterranean cuisine as well as a strong seafood tradition that includes the city’s signature fish soup, bouillabaisse. A hearty meal in itself, it is served in two courses, the first with garlic croutons and saffron mayonnaise (rouille); the second with seafood and potatoes.

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Watch the fishing boats arrive into the Vieux Port where locals come to buy the day’s catch, and take in the many sights and scents of the vibrant street markets. When it comes to relaxing at an atmospheric table, Marseille offers everything from tiny restaurants overlooking the sparkling waters of the Calanques to the finest Michelin-starred restaurants – five with one star and two with three.

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Unmissable local dishes and produce in Marseille

  • Bouillabaisse: Head to the Miramar on Quai du Port for bouillbaisse by chef Christian Buffa who created the charter of authenticity. Visit website here.
  • Navettes: orange blossom biscuits in the shape of a boat, blessed every year at Candlemas by the bishop.
  • Panisses: fries made from a dough of chickpea flour. Speciality of the northern district of L’Estaque and sold from street kiosks throughout the day.
  • Pizza: the pizza truck was born in Marseille and there are more here than in any other French city!
  • Chocolate pralines made from hazelnuts and olive oil: a speciality made only by the famous pâtisserie l’Espérantine. Visit website here.

Must do foodie experiences in Marseille

  • The Grandes Halles du Vieux Port opened in July this year, serving food from around the Mediterranean, no booking needed. A market selling local produce is to follow. Visit website here.
  • Find your perfect foodie tour at Marseille Tourist Office, including tours of the wineries at nearby Cassis and Aix-en-Provence. Visit website here.
  • Visit Le Grand Meze at the city museum to learn about the classic Mediterranean diet and its global influence. Visit website here.

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