French liqueurs of the past could be gracing your drinks cabinet this Christmas now that artisanal spirits from Distillerie de Grandmont have crossed the Channel for the first time. 

Distillerie de Grandmont was founded in 2018 in the Haute-Vienne by Karim Karroum who discovered a passion for vintage spirits and set about using old-fashioned methods of production, unearthing forgotten French spirit-making traditions.   

Award-winning drinks distributor Speciality Brands is introducing three of Karroum’s spirits to the UK this autumn: Amer Gentian, Liqueur de Grandmont and Triple Sec Curacao Blanc. 

Amer Gentian starts with a base of organic grain alcohol, before fresh and dried gentian root grown in the unique terroirs of the Massif Central for over 25 years are added. Wild, natural herbs and fruits are used in the recipe to accentuate the bitter florality of the gentian. This creates an incredibly complex and refined liqueur which can be enjoyed as an aperitif, digestif or served long with tonic water and a slice of grapefruit or in classic cocktails. 

Distillerie de Grandmont Liqueur de Grandmont Le Chemin des Moines (Monks’ Path) is a herbal liqueur offering a silky smooth texture with notes of angelica, wildflowers, fresh grass, zesty verbena and honey, along with a subtle hint of turmeric, culminating in a subtle smoky camphor finish with hints of blackcurrant leaf. This complex liqueur is meticulously crafted using organic grain alcohol and a blend of wild herbs and spices. It works well as a digestif, revealing its medicinal and digestive qualities, but also lends itself to classic cocktails such as The Last Word or Bijou. 

And the Triple Sec Curacao Blanc showcases bright and elegant citrus notes, primarily orange and tangerine, gracefully balanced with juniper and a subtle bitterness. The process begins with organic grain alcohol as a base, enhanced by a secret blend of citrus fruits, peels, natural plants, spices, and herbs. Versatile and timeless, this triple sec elevates classic cocktails like Margaritas and Sidecars or can be enjoyed simply over ice with a splash of soda. 

Speciality Brands MD Chris Seale said: “We were blown away by the quality of the spirits crafted by the Distillerie de Grandmont. These truly artisanal drinks revive traditional French recipes and production processes – and offer a rather unique tasting experience. Karim’s passion for quality spirits is remarkable.” Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a joyeux Noël to us! 

The Distillerie de Grandmont range is currently available from The Whisky Exchange

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