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60 E. 65th St., New York, 10065, United States

Rating: Two Michelin stars

What the Michelin inspectors said…

Everyone needs a little pomp and circumstance now and then and, for these grand occasions, there will always be Daniel. This neo-classical citadel of Gallic sophistication will certainly impress your guests—the tables are impeccably dressed and a battalion of immaculately groomed staff runs it. They add some nice touches, like presenting you at the end of dinner with your own printed menu, as well as a box of canelé to take home for your doorman or babysitter. If you’re a two, do express a preference for which type of table you want—sitting side by side instead of opposite each other isn’t for everyone.

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Posted by Restaurant Daniel on Wednesday, 21 August 2019

The main menu comes with a choice of six dishes per course, or you can take the decision-making out of the process altogether and go for the seven-course tasting menu with its wine pairings. The cooking is classically French but not rigidly so. That being said, there are no jarring flavors that can sometimes blight ambitious cooking.

This is certainly a kitchen with lots of technical skill: the partridge and quail pithivier with black truffle and spinach is a cleverly layered creation, while the dark chocolate and cranberry bavarois is a construction that recalls the works of M.C. Escher.

We want to try…

Striped bass mariné aux herbes de Provence with lavender oil, heirloom tomatoes and focaccia tuile (from the three-course prix-fixe menu, $123).

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