While there are many activities to enjoy in all seasons and weather in the Vercors, there’s also the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind in nature, and what better way to do that than with a delicious meal.

There’s a heavy focus on organic food and an emphasis on local suppliers at most restaurants on the plateau, with chefs proudly sharing that the cheese is made only a short walk away on the nearest sheep farm, and one chef foraged for edible flowers in the garden as we were being seated.

It’s reassuring to know where your food came from, and even better to learn the stories behind the restaurants and farms that are dotted across the Vercors.

Quite often the meals are seasonal and prepared fresh on the day of consumption, and gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options are readily available at most of the venues.

Auberge de la Croix Perrin

Halfway between Lans-en-Vercors and Autrans, this chalet-style hotel and restaurant is nestled atop the Col de la Croix Perrin and surrounded by a dense forest. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner menus of seasonal dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients with short supply circuits. A list of their local suppliers is also available – we were told that the cheese was from either the Chatelard Goat Farm or Collombière Farm in nearby Méaudre.

Mouthwatering breaded camembert paired with a cranberry sauce was followed by a tartiflette made with Reblochon cheese, and then a rich crème brulée dessert with a shortbread biscuit.


3-course dinner from 34€

Les Hauts Plateaux Restaurant

Les Hauts Plateaux
Ravioles du Royans

In a unique setting at the edge of the Hauts Plateaux de Vercors nature reserve, this restaurant has a great terrace that affords remarkable views of the mountain ridge, and it’s the perfect rest spot if you’ve been hiking, cross-country skiing or playing golf. From the Vercors wood burnt to heat the building to the ingredients served on your plate, the restaurant is dedicated to its region and is committed to local suppliers.

A refreshing Ravioles du Royans au pesto and a generous slice of Tarte aux Myrtilles are fitting examples of local specialities served at this well-placed restaurant.


Dishes start at 14€

La Bohème

At the foot of the Méaudre ski lift, this pleasant restaurant is an appealing stop along the Via Vercors. It’s well-decorated and has a selection of pieces from local artisans and artists available to buy.

A hearty meal of homemade bread baked daily and a substantial salmon lasagne, while a chocolate tart is a sweet treat that tops the meal off.


3-course lunch from 35€

La Boheme Salmon Lasagne

Salmon Lasagne

Bistrot Ermitage

Bistrot Ermitage Salad

Salad at Bistrot Ermitage

In the shadow of the impressive Trois Pucelles, this bistro has healthy snacks and lunch options at reasonable prices, ideal for stopping in during an activity day. Enjoy a bright and plentiful salad with roasted figs, toasted bread, prosciutto and cheese fondue aubergines that is sure to give you a boost of energy to discover more of the Vercors.


Dishes start at 4,50 €

Musée de l’Eau

Local delicacies are served with a glorious view of the Bourne at the Musée de l’Eau in Pont-en-Royans, where you can sample a magnificent array of waters that are available for tasting sessions.

Two local specialties are paired together to form a delicious meal of Ravioles du Royans à la truite fumée du Vercors, while another is found in the tasty crème brulée Chartreuse Verte.


3-course menu from 23€

Musee de l'eau

Ravioles du Royans a la Truite

Le Vernay

Le Vernay

Beef Soba

In the calmness of the hotel and restaurant garden, Chef Aurore Isoard gathers edible flowers as we prepare to be seated, and we soon learn that her fusion meals are inspired by her time in Japan, bringing cooking methods and ingredients from both Japan and France together.

Firstly, it’s an amuse-bouche of macaroon with shredded lobster followed by a starter of courgette soup that conceals a soft-boiled egg, and a beef soba bowl decorated with the delicate flowers picked by the chef.


Menu from 32€


  1. Wow, I like this style of article as it transports me to france! I particularly like the picture of the salad at Bistrot Ermitage and from looking at their menu it looks very affordable


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