In Armagnac, legend has it that, one day long ago, Baron de Sigognac took all the traditional clocks out of his cellars. Fascinated by the mystery surrounding the way Armagnac ages, he had some very strange timepieces fashioned in their place…

The face of the new clocks had ten divisions instead of 12: the seconds had become years, the big hand moved only once a decade and the hour hand marked the centuries. Baron de Sigognac had found the core of the mystery that is Armagnac…

The legend adds that, with time, Baron de Sigognac came to trust only his palate for telling the age of an Armagnac. The clocks were left unwound.


We tasted this wonderful brand, and this is what we found.

Of course, this, like many other Armagnacs keeps the clear yet amber colour. Unlike others, however, the golden touches really catch the eye with the VSOP.

The plums come through whilst smelling this drink which really gives complex flavours placing you right in the middle of the vineyards of the Gers.  This Armagnac really takes you on a journey before it is even out of the glass. 

The vanilla hits you as soon as you have sipped it, with an excellent balance and battle with the crystalised fruits which is rare in a VSOP. Another winner from Château Bordeneuve.


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