As well as funny videos of cats and songs about baby sharks, YouTube is a treasure trove of useful content, whether you’re looking to fix a washer on a tap, rewire a plug or cook the perfect îles flottantes. When it comes to polishing your culinary skills, it’s a great way to upskill from the comfort of your own home at no cost, other than the ingredients should you decide to try this at home. So why not make 2023 the year you wow your friends and family with your newfound kitchen kudos? Here are three of our favourite French foodie YouTubers to help you on your way.

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French Cooking Academy

689k Subscribers

Your likeable, easy-to-follow host, Stéphane, will teach you the basics of French cookery, whether you’re a dab hand in the kitchen or a total newbie. There are paid-for courses available via the website but if you prefer to save your pennies, there’s plenty of fabulous free content on the channel. Videos are 10 to 20 minutes long and there are dozens of them, with really inspiring how-tos, such as shallow poaching fish (or cuisson à court mouillement, as we who have already watched the video like to say), which you could serve with, say, Provençal-style grilled fennel. You’ll find dishes for special occasions, meals French people eat at home and baking tips to boot. Oui, chef!

The French Chef Gérard Garbé

1.5k subscribers

Offering a far more homely approach, you’ll find Gérard (who has 55 years’ experience in kitchens around the world) pottering about his home cuisine serving up treats like pâté de campagne with an enthusiasm that’s infectious. Perfect mashed potatoes, silky crème caramel and a nifty way to do crisps in the microwave (not very French but delicious nonetheless) are some of the treats in store. He’s also not afraid of tackling famous recipes by top chefs, such as Paul Bocuse’s loup en croute,or showing you how to make butter at home. Need to fillet a gurnard? Gérard’s your man. It’s a crazy, fun-filled buffet of everything from the simple to the extravagant. Dinner time has never been so much fun!


2m subscribers

Self-taught cook Alex leads you on a veritable culinary adventure, from discovering his grandma’s secret boeuf bourguignon recipe to making your own gourmet salt. As well as a foray into world cuisine, Alex shares classic French recipes, such as moules marinières, hachis parmentier and steak tartare. He makes it straight-forward and easy to follow and he’s brimming with handy hacks, as well as being charming and funny with an insatiable curiosity about food that will have you watching video after video. No wonder he has 2m subscribers!


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