Veteran cheesemonger Patrick Ambrosio lifts the lid on Vacherin Mont d’Or…

“Mont d’Or is a cheese worthy of celebration due to its limited seasonal availability. The French variety, produced exclusively from raw cow’s milk in the Haut-Doubs, is only available from mid-September to May. Its Swiss counterpart, Vacherin Mont d’Or, is virtually identical but is made using thermised (gently heated) milk. To tuck in, simply remove the top rind and serve it straight from its handsome rustic box, using a spoon to slather the near-liquid interior on sturdy artisan bread. The flavour is mild, yet earthy and formidable. Pair it with a crisp Jura or Savoie white, Crémant d’Alsace, or a fruity Beaujolais.”

Patrick Ambrosio. IMAGES © Vera Mendizabal

First printed in our sister publication France Today

Patrick Ambrosio is the owner of Le Bon Fromage in Long Island, New York, USA.


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