Wabi-sabi is the Japanese aesthetic of embracing simplicity and using solely what is necessary and it is this ethos which has inspired YuGin, by Spiritique.

YuGin, carefully crafted in France, respects tradition while embracing innovation, and is a complex yet simple spirit, crafted with natural ingredients, reflecting freshness and subtlety.

Truly unique, it is a mouthwatering blend of natural yuzu extracts, Sichuan pepper, coriander and juniper. Used by the greatest chefs and parfumiers, yuzu has been beloved by the Japanese throughout the ages for its relaxing and refreshing properties both in cuisine and in centuries-old customs such as Yuzuyu, where the fruit is floated in the hot water of a bath on tōji (winter solstice), to guard against colds, warm the body and relax the mind. Sounds perfect for a little Yu time!



For me the star of this drink is undoubtedly the Sichuan pepper, accompanied by coriander and, of course, juniper. It’s delightfully simple, with a refreshingly zesty and gently nuanced flavour. I enjoyed mine with a twist of lemon and a splash of tonic water.  The bottle is stylishly designed, reflecting the gin’s subtle yet effective flavours. Simple yet perfect, and I think I have a new favourite gin.



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