Sixty projects have been named winners in the spring section of France’s Year of Gastronomy.

Set up by the French government, l’Année de la gastronomie aims to support the restaurant industry and food producers who have suffered as a result of the pandemic. Throughout 2022, successful applicants will carry the Year of Gastronomy official label and some will be in line for financial support of €10,000 to €50,000.

The scheme is split into four seasonal themes: the winter of committed and responsible gastronomy; the spring of inclusive and caring gastronomy; a summer celebration of sharing and living together; and the autumn of producers. The winter section saw 28 projects awarded the label and now a further 60 have been highlighted in the spring round, the focus of which has been gender equality; food for all and throughout the country; the fight against food insecurity; and projects involving people with disabilities.

The projects are vast and varied and include the likes of Soleil Délicieux de Provence, which takes place in Marseille at the start of May. It aims to revisit a traditional recipe of Provence as taught by older members of the community who will then make it with local youngsters.

Then there’s the 2022 edition of the Printemps du Pélardon which takes place on Sunday, May 8 at the Parc des Châtaigniers in Le Vigan. Its aim is to promote the agricultural sector and especially the terroir by honouring the Pélardon AOP, through an annual family celebration, including markets, tastings, exhibitions and more.

Meanwhile on May 6 in Nîmes, an educational and sensory tour and tasting at a local wine estate is being organised in partnership with the Federation of the Blind of Nîmes. The Rock’n Toques festival on June 3 and 5 in Saint-Brieux is a gourmet event where local chefs come out of their kitchen, and share their new recipes with the public at bargain prices, making the very best cuisine affordable (or in some circumstances, free) for all. Some 18,500 servings and 6,000 glasses were served in 2019 during five services.

The third season of the Year of Gastronomy is the summer of sharing and living together, which will be opened to applications very soon.


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