Something to celebrate? Then break out a box of rich chocolate truffles with that all important French flourish – a dash of Marc de Champagne. These cocoa covered beauties are the perfect end to the perfect meal.

Not only did the French introduce the rest of the world to Champagne (and, it follows, Marc de Champagne) but a little bit of research reveals that the chocolate truffle was, in fact, a French invention too.

The truffle is believed to have been originally created in 1895 by the Dufour family in Chambéry and it was Antoine Dufour who eventually came over to London in 1902 to open a shop, Prestat, through which he could introduce them to the rest of the world.

Marc de Champagne truffles

Since then, truffles have become a staple of any chocolate box and are sold in some weird and wonderful flavours. However, the truffles upon which Prestat’s popularity grew are still being made to the original recipe, a variety known as Napoleon III.

Today, chocolate truffles are being made in all kinds of different flavours, ranging from the comparatively ordinary orange to the more unusual chilli. Some of them are rolled in cocoa, others in chopped nuts – the possibilities are seemingly endless.

And yet, the Champagne and Marc de Champagne truffles remain some of our favourites, combining the luxury of French chocolate and French wine in one sugar-coated mouthful. The traditional French truffle is supposed to contain fresh cream and if you were to buy yours from a chocolatier, they probably would. But buying ready boxed chocolates may make this harder to achieve.

Originally published on our sister site, FrenchEntrée


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