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When it comes to this particular drink, don’t let the name fool you – there’s much more to it than meets the eye. This straight sipping-style beverage boasts a truly remarkable golden hue that is sure to catch your attention and tantalise your taste buds. It’s like a glass of French gastronomy, with each sip transporting you to the heart of Parisian cuisine. Imagine indulging in a delicious tarte tatin – that’s the kind of experience you can expect with every sip of this delightful drink.

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What is the key ingredient in this cocktail?

Calvados Christian Drouin is a key ingredient in the Golden Delicious cocktail. This type of French apple brandy is made through a complex process of fermenting and distilling apples, followed by aging the resulting spirit in oak casks for at least two years. The Selection version used in this recipe is a blend of calvados that has been aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels, resulting in a smooth and complex flavour profile that pairs perfectly with the other ingredients in the cocktail.

The type of apple used and the aging process greatly affect the taste of Calvados, which can range from bright and fruity to deep and oaky. The longer it is aged, the more complex and rich the flavor becomes. Some Calvados can have a bright and crisp taste similar to fresh apples, while others can have a deep and complex taste reminiscent of oak and other wood flavours.

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Golden delicious cocktail

Golden Delicious is a cocktail made with Calvados Christian Drouin. To achieve its smooth and complex flavour, the brandy is aged for at least two years.
Prep Time10 minutes
Course: Drinks, Cocktail
Cuisine: French
Keyword: Calvados cocktail, Calvados, French cocktail recipe
Servings: 1 person


  • Coupette glass
  • Mixing glass


  • 40 ml Calvados Selection
  • 30 ml Aged White Port
  • 10 ml Poire William Liquore
  • 3 Dashes of Peach Bitters
  • Apple slice for garnish


  • Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice.
  • Shake until chilled and strain into a coupette glass.
  • Garnish with an apple slice.

Recipe courtesy of Specialty Brands.

For more information on Christian Drouin Calvados Selection, including tasting notes, please visit this website.

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