Makes: 8 cocktails
Active time: 10 minutes

Get into the Christmas spirit with Héloïse Brion’s version of some festive cider.


  • 1 tbsp plus 2 tsp (⅔ oz./20 g) superfine sugar
  • 8 pinches ground cinnamon, divided
  • 1 bottle hard apple cider, preferably naturally fermented, well chilled
  • 1 bottle champagne or prosecco, well chilled
  • Several large ice cubes
  • 8 cinnamon sticks, for garnish


1In a small, shallow bowl, combine the sugar with 6 pinches of cinnamon.

2Wet the rim of each of 8 glasses and dip into the cinnamon sugar.

3Carefully fill the glasses halfway with cider and top off with champagne or prosecco.

4Add a few large ice cubes to each drink and sprinkle with the remaining cinnamon.

5Garnish with the cinnamon sticks and serve immediately.


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