Serves: 1

Working from home and tired of nibbling on biscuits and toast? It’s time to up your game and treat yourself to something both delicious and good for you. This combination of green olive tapenade, goat’s cheese and saffron is a blast of French sunshine on a plate.


  • 1/2 of Pélardon (goat’s cheese) cut into slices
  • Wholemeal bread – ideally pain de mie
  • Green olive tapenade Picholine du Gard
  • Flaked almonds from the Gard
  • Sweet onion from the Cévennes – sliced
  • Honey from the Cévennes   
  • High qualily olive oil
  • Thyme and aromatic herbs from the garrigue
  • Saffron


1Lightly sprinkle the bread with the saffron and with a dribble of olive oil.

2Spread green tapenade on one slice.

3Put the cheese in the middle.

4Spread a thin layer of honey.

5Sprinkle on some flaked almonds.

6Garnish the slice with the sweet onion.

7Cover with the second slice of bread.

8Dribble on some olive oil.

9Put it into a toasted sandwich machine or put it under the grill until the bread is golden and crusty.


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