Not so long ago, daring to admit to being vegetarian in a French restaurant would have had Chef raising his eyes to heaven while angrily whisking up an omelette. How times change. Today, not just vegetarian but vegan dishes are plentiful on menus across the country, from village cafés to the most lauded addresses in Paris.

So it’s not surprising that some traditional recipes are being revisited from a vegan perspective. Enter the Association Justice Animaux Savoie, who wanted to prove that the traditional dish tartiflette can be made in an eco-responsible way, without meat or any other ingredients of animal origin. Armed with 230 kg of potatoes and 100 kg of fauxmage (vegan cheese), the association set to work in Chambéry to create the largest vegan tartiflette in the world. 

Some 400 hungry onlookers gathered to taste the 500kg behemoth, which used soya beans instead of bacon, saving some, we presume, for the inspector from the Guinness Book of Records who was there to verify the new world record.

Sadly we don’t have the recipe used by the Association Justice Animaux Savoie, but if you want to try your hand at a traditional tartiflette, check out the recipe here.


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