It makes sense when you think about it – take a croissant and fill it with cookie dough and it’s bound to be delicious. That’s certainly what Paris pâtissier Stéphane Louvard thought when he came up with the idea – but little did he expect it to go viral. But the ‘crookie’, as it’s called, was a hit on TikTok and Instagram and is now in demand the world over. 

For the real thing, head to Maison Louvard, in Paris’ 9th arrondissement (stay for lunch – it’s a bistro as well as a bakery). Shortly after a couple of crookie videos were published on social media, Louvard and his team found they were suddenly selling up to 200 crookies a day. Then in February 2023, French influencer Johan Papz,  featured one on TikTok and customers began to arrive in their droves, smartphones in hand, with the Maison Louvard team battling to produce up to 1,600 crookies a day. Before long, pastry chefs around the world began making their own versions, and a new, delicious and highly calorific global sensation was born. 

Of course, pastry crazes are nothing new. Back in 2013, the cronut – a cross between a croissant and a doughnut – was flavour of the month when French pâtissier Dominique Ansel invented it to tempt customers through the doors of his New York premises. 

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