Tesco and Ocado stock La Baleine, just about the best salt you can use for your health and the environment 

We’re always being told to cut down on salt in our diet – so in our book, when you do use it, it may as well be the best. 

And now you can buy the best easily because La Baleine, all the way from the Camargue, is available to buy in the UK from Tesco and Ocado. 


La Baleine (The Whale) has been gracing French pantries since 1934, and is formed into pearly white crystals thanks to the action of the sun, wind and the sea in this UNESCO-protected region of Occitanie famous for its wildlife, marshes and flora.  

The salt marshes extend over an area of 10,000 hectares, covering a territory as big as Paris and produce more than 200,000 tons of salt every year. 

And you can season away with a clear conscience too, because sea salt comes with several benefits… 


It’s good for the environment! It has a low carbon footprint and a positive impact on biodiversity by actually contributing to the rich flora and fauna the Camargue is famous for. For example, 5,000 to 10,000 flamingos live in the Aigues-Mortes area, a quarter of the French flamingo population – they can’t all be wrong!    


It’s better for your health – because it tastes 13% saltier than its land salt competitor, using La Baleine means you don’t need to use so much. And it contains 60% more calcium and three times more potassium and magnesium than land salt, all of which are needed to keep our cells working healthily. A healthy salt intake is around 8g per day.  

La Baleine offers a wide range of salts, with different textures and flavours. Time to go shopping! 


Benjamin Rabier, the famous illustrator of La Vache qui rit (The Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedges), drew the first whale for La Baleine, inspired by the adventure of one of his own favourite creations, Gédéon crosses the Atlantic


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