Le Grand Vefour

The storied 2-star Michelin restaurant has a new mission statement: “conviviality & simplicity.”

Guy Martin, Le Grand Vefour’s chef since 1990, tells us he’s taken advantage of the past year to rethink client requirements, in terms of cooking and service. There are changes he thinks are necessary following the long months marked by the cruel Covid-19 pandemic.

Le Grand Vefour
Photo courtesy of Le Grand Vefour

“I’ve been thinking about this for over a year, along with head chef Pascal Pugeault and the brigade, and we want to know: where are we going after such a crisis? What are customers expecting from us as we head towards a new world? We’ve experienced lockdowns, curfews, businesses closing their doors, the industry in need … It’s a difficult situation that affects everyone. We’ll come out of this crisis as different people,” says Guy Martin.

“Of course the new style Grand Véfour will always serve top quality cuisine – I don’t know how to do otherwise,” emphasizes the chef. Suppliers will remain the same for the most part. But like the joyful and effervescent Café de Chartres of 1784 (later known as Le Grand Véfour), it will be more relaxed – sometimes with music!”

Inside the magnificent, historic-listed rooms where Napoleon & Josephine, Jean Cocteau, Victor Hugo, Colette and Coco Chanel once dined, the restaurant returns to a configuration similar to that which existed before Guy Martin’s arrival. Cherry on the gâteau, there are now two beautiful terraces, with custom-made furniture, and Le Grand Véfour waits to welcome customers for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

Adapted from an article on Bonjour Paris.


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