If you’re looking for that perfect French gift this Christmas, why not treat a loved one to a fancy bottle of brandy? 

St-Rémy, based in the Loire Valley, has launched a limited-edition bottle made in collaboration with French artist Lucas Beaufort, and it’s sure to be a hit with collectors and enthusiasts. 

Beaufort’s vibrant street art style is reflected in the dynamic colours and geometry of the bottle which he was inspired to create after a tasting of St-Rémy XO with Master Blender Cécile Roudaut, which revealed bold flavours of vanilla and wood, paired with the delicate notes of ripe fruits and honey into different shades of colours. 

“Collaborating with St-Rémy on this project has been an incredible opportunity to fuse the worlds of art and savoir-faire,” said Beaufort. “The design of this limited-edition bottle encapsulates the spirit of both our artistic endeavours and the refined excellence of St-Rémy brandy.”  

“Diversity is the cornerstone of both Lucas’ and St-Rémy’s artistic expressions,” said Aveline Rimbaud, executive director at the company, which has been distilling in the Loire Valley since 1886. “For St-Rémy, it is the diversity of the eaux-de-vie sourced from the different regions, grape varieties and vineyards of France. For Lucas Beaufort, it is his palette of colours, shapes, emotions, and memories that fuel his creativity. We share the belief that harmony is born from diversity.”  

St-Rémy XO Tasting Notes  


Luminous amber, with a rich golden aura.  


Mature nose underpinned with echoes of oak and delicate vanilla aromas, layered with hints of ripe fruits and honey.   


A rich palate of flavours. Subtle notes of wood and vanilla are enriched with flavours of gingerbread, candied apricots, dates, figs, and nuts. This complex taste is subtly spicy and offers a long finish. 

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  1. Where will one be able to purchase this? I will be in Paris at the beginning of December and would love to pick up a bottle for a Christmas gift.


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