The humbe radish, that spicy little salad vegetable, is often overlooked in favour of bigger, brighter veggies. But here are a few facts that might make you look twice next time you’re in the vegetable aisle or wandering through le marché en France

  1. Radishes are produced all year round in France, although peak season is from March to June.
  2. They are mainly grown in the Pays de la Loire.
  3. 50 varieties are grown in France.
  4. 47,636 tonnes of radish were grown in France in 2021.
  5. The French consume an average of 1.5 kg of radishes – called radis in France – a year.
  6. You can get pink, red, white and black versions, as well as elongated, round and egg-shaped ones. There are three main families:
    • Black radish is the first species of radish cultivated by man. It has to be peeled before eating.
    • Small radishes, plain or bicoloured, are the most common varieties.
    • Japanese radish, also called daikon, can weigh up to 1kg. A cousin of the black radish, it has a milder taste.
  7. Commonly eaten raw, you can actually cook radishes, but be quick about – overcooking destroys their flavour and texture.
  8. The leaves of the radish are edible too – cook them and serve as a side dish or in a soup. Waste not want not, as they say!

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