France may be the apple of your eye when it comes to foodie destinations, but have you ever noticed how some of their sayings are downright bananas? Don’t end up with egg on your face, our easy-as-pie guide will teach you some of the nuttiest food-based French sayings so next time you visit the Hexagon you can rest assured you’ll be as cool as a cucumber, whatever turn the conversation takes

Appuyer sur le champignon

  • Literal translation: To press on the mushroom
  • Meaning: To step on the gas

Ne pas être dans son assiette

  • Literal translation: Not to be in your plate
  • Meaning: To be under the weather

Compter pour du beurre

  • Literal translation: To count for butter
  • Meaning: To count for nothing

Faire chou blanc

  • Literal translation: To make white cabbage
  • Meaning: To fail

Être comme un coq en pâte

  • Literal translation: To be like a cockerel in pastry
  • Meaning: To be pampered

Tomber dans le pommes

  • Literal translation: To fall in the apples
  • Meaning: To faint

Être soupe au lait

  • Literal translation: To be milky soup
  • Meaning: To be quick-tempered

Avoir la banane

  • Literal translation: To have the banana
  • Meaning: To be happy

Mettre du beurre dans les épinards

  • Literal translation: To put butter in the spinach
  • Meaning: To top up your income

Arriver comme un cheveu sur la soupe

  • Literal translation: To arrive like a hair in the soup
  • Meaning: To turn up at an awkward moment

Pédaler dans la choucroute

  • Literal translation: To pedal in sauerkraut
  • Meaning: To go around in circles

Mettre les pieds dans le plat

  • Literal translation: To put your feet in the dish
  • Meaning: To put your foot in your mouth

Se prendre une châtaigne

  • Literal translation: To take a chestnut
  • Meaning: To be punched

Être une bonne poire

  • Literal translation: To be a good pear
  • Meaning: To be gullible

Avoir la tête comme une pastèque

  • Literal translation: To have a head like a watermelon
  • Meaning: To have a headache

Être haut comme trois pommes

  • Literal translation: To be high as three apples
  • Meaning:To be kneehigh to a grasshopper (to be small/young)


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