Beaufort cheese

Veteran cheesemonger Patrick Ambrosio on Beaufort

The Savoyard ‘Prince Of Gruyères’ has long been a mainstay of the finest shops and on the tables of those seeking a truly regal and refined cheese.

These highly sought-after wheels are produced only from the raw cow’s milk of the native Abondance and Tarine breeds that have grazed the high altitude Alpine pastures of the Beaufortain and its environs.

Beaufort cheese

Their diet of verdant grasses and diverse mountain flora result in a cheese with complex, long-lasting flavours and a clean, buttery finish. Its slightly sharp kick sets it apart from its mountain-style cousins such as Comté and Swiss Gruyère.

About the author 

Patrick Ambrosio is managing partner of the Village Cheese Merchant in Rockville Centre, NY.

Taken from our sister magazine France Today.


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