Makes 4 Skewers

This dish is all about the way the flavours come together. Boudin noir is creamy in texture and comes in a variety of flavours, some with chilli, some with added apple or onions, however, our favourite is the ‘traditional’.


12 scallops

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

12 slices of boudin noir

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Salt and pepper

Mixed green salad and lemon wedges, to serve


1Trim the scallops, discarding the corals if still attached (you can pop these in a freezer bag and freeze them to use at a later date when making a fish stock) and put in a bowl with seasoning, and olive oil. Toss to ensure it is covered well in the oil.

2Put onto the individual skewers arranged like 6 circles in a row, skewer through the sides of scallops and the boudin noir.

3Heat a frying pan or griddle pan until hot. Place the skewers into the pan. You will see them cooking from the bottom up. When the ‘cooked’ element is about one third the way up, carefully turn them over – it will be seared and a little crispy.

4Cook for the same amount of time on the second side, then remove from the pan. Put the skewers onto a warm plate and deglaze the pan with the balsamic vinegar.

5Serve the skewers accompanied by a crisp green salad dressed with a drizzle of the juices from the pan.



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