As a proud ambassador of French gastronomy, Air France has been working with talented French chefs to offer its customers refined Michelin-starred cuisine. This now applies to flights departing from the United States. Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn has created twelve original dishes for passengers in La Première and Business Cabin to enjoy on board.

La Première:

© Air France Official
  • Stuffed cabbage, mole negro condiment, smoked cream

This recipe is inspired by the chef’s travels to Mexico, with the aromatic complexity of mole negro that brings delicately stuffed cabbage to life.

D. Crenn La Première Dish from USA 7 ©Air France
  • Lobster, pico de gallo condiment, tea sauce

An interesting yet elegant and harmonious marriage of flavors and cultures, a true testament to the chef’s culinary genius.

D. Crenn La Première Dish from USA 2 ©Air France
D. Crenn La Première Dish from USA 2 ©Air France
  • Root vegetable mille-feuille, pickled mushrooms, seeded crumble, truffle sauce

A dish elevated to perfection with the addition of truffle sauce, an essential product of the French gastronomic heritage.

©Air France
  • Sea bass, chestnut, pickled blueberries, chestnut and miso sauce

The delicate sea bass is complemented with the earthiness of chestnuts, acidity of the pickled blueberries, and umami of miso sauce, creating a perfect harmony between the forest and the sea.

©Air France
  • Peas and carrot ravioli, roasted turnip, nori sauce

Drawing inspiration from the flavors of spring, this dish features a sauce reminiscent of tapenade, but made with nori, which is a testament to the chef’s appreciation for Asian cuisine.

©Air France
  • King crab, roasted cabbage and pepper sauce

It’s a hearty and flavorful dish that combines both cabbage and seafood elements.

Business Cabin:

©Air France
  • Beetroot, leche de tigre, artichoke and smoked cream

The richness of roasted beetroot and artichoke is balanced with the acidity of a traditional pico de gallo combining tomato, onion, and cilantro.

©Air France
  • Black cod, quinoa, sun-dried tomatoes, marinière sauce 

The chef often creates recipes that remind her of her childhood on the coast of Brittany, such as this Californian black cod dish served with quinoa and a marinière sauce.

©Air France
  • Open ravioli, courgetti and tomato, hazelnut and parmesan sauce

This dish is an ode to the chef’s first trip in Italy and the discovery of the country’s flavors.

©Air France
  • Trout, swiss chard, seeded crumble, lemon beurre blanc

This recipe is inspired by a dish served at Bar Crenn, with a lemon beurre blanc sauce that is a nod to a classic French culinary technique.

©Air France

  • Celeriac mille-feuille, apple, spinach, pepper sauce

Celeriac is an often-overlooked root vegetable, perfectly highlighted in this creative recipe with a mille-feuille and seasonal vegetables; a delicious autumn dish.

©Air France
  • Stone bass, pumpkin and mushroom, matelote sauce

The sauce, an essential component of French gastronomy, is honored in this culinary creation based on fish.

The only woman with three Michelin stars in the United States, Dominique Crenn is committed to developing inventive and poetic French cuisine for Air France passengers with a focus on local ingredient sourcing, reduction of food waste, and employee well-being.

Crenn grew up in France, where she developed a keen interest in cooking with her parents, who appreciated fine dining. In 1988, she left France to move to the US to pursue her culinary aspirations. She began by apprenticing for chefs Jeremiah Tower and Mark Franz at their famous Stars restaurant in San Francisco. She then made history as the first female executive chef in Jakarta (Indonesia), where she ran the kitchen at the Intercontinental Hotel. A decade later, she returned to San Francisco to head up the kitchen at Luce, the restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel, where she was awarded her first Michelin star in 2009 and a second in 2010.

Driven by the desire to create a deeply personal project, in 2011 she opened Atelier Crenn. In less than a year, Atelier Crenn was awarded its first Michelin star, followed by two stars the following year. Crenn became the first woman in the United States to receive this honor. In 2015, she opened a second restaurant in San Francisco, Petit Crenn, and published her first cookbook, Atelier Crenn Metamorphosis of Taste. She also opened two other restaurants: Bar Crenn in San Francisco in 2018 (one Michelin star) and Golden Poppy in 2023, her first concept in Paris.

Dominique_Crenn_4 ©Eliot Blondet for Air France

With this new signature chef, Air France is continuing to develop its exceptional collaborations from its international stations to Paris. The airline is also working with Julien Royer on departure from Singapore, Olivier Perret on departure from Canada, Jofrane Dailly on departure from La Reunion and Jean-Charles Bredas on departure from the French West Indies, French Guiana, and on its regional Caribbean network.

See which of Crenn’s dishes are being served on your next flight with Air France. Elegance is a journey.

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