Give your Christmas drinks party a little extra zest with this orangey cocktail by Meukow Cognac. It’s perfect with savoury nibbles, though we like it curled up by the fire with a slice of gingerbread or Christmas cake.


  • 5cl Meukow 90  
  • 1cl maple syrup 
  • 0.5cl orange blossom water  
  • 3 drops Meukow Cocktail Flavouring XO 


1Pour maple syrup, orange blossom water and Meukow Cocktail Flavouring XO into a mixing glass.

2Stir the mixture with the back of your mixing spoon.

3Add the Meukow 90 and fill the mixing glass with ice.

4Stir for a few seconds.

5Filter the liquid into an old fashioned glass filled with ice.

6Decorate with a twist of orange zest.


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