It’s where the worlds of pastry, charcuterie and art collide: the pâté-croûte. Once much-maligned as old-fashioned and crudely rural, the pastry-covered marvel has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, helped in no small way by Japan, of all places, which has won the last three editions of the World Pâté-Croûte Championship

This year saw the 14th edition take place at La Sucrière in Lyon, following a series of qualifying rounds that were held around the world, in places as far-flung as Canada, Sweden, the UK and Tahiti. 

pate croute winner 23, © Championnat du Monde de Pâté-Croûte/Facebook

And the 2023 prize was taken, to the delight of les français, by Parisian Frédéric Le Guen-Geffroy (check out his mouthwatering creations on Instagram), with two other French candidates – Jérémie Crauser, from Lyon, and Emeline Aubry, from Normandy – taking second and third place. 

Le Guen-Geffroy impressed the judges with a showstopping creation made with free-range pork, Muscovy duck, chanterelles and a thin chicken and pistachio stuffing. The jury comprised Michelin-starred chefs, Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and other big names from the world of gastronomy. Created in 2009, the competition has grown in popularity, year after year, creating a newfound enthusiasm, credibility and fame for this traditional dish. 


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