A pastes served in the classical way hits the spot for me almost every time, but if I do feel like a change and pretend I’m in a bar in the south of France, I might knock up a Mauresque. The French are fond of their syrups and make them from almost anything that grows. They mix them with water to give to children and use them in drinks for grown-ups too. Orgeat is almond syrup and when mixed with pastis makes a very ooh-la-la sharpener for those with a penchant for anise. If you replace the orgeat with grenadine (pomegranate syrup) you have a Tomate; strawberry syrup makes a pretty Rourou, while if you use crème de menthe you get a bright-green Perroquet.


  • 35ml/1½oz pastis
  • 25ml/1oz orgeat
  • About 100ml/4oz chilled water


1Pour the pastis and orgeat into a tall glass and pour over the chilled water. Add ice cubes – adjust to taste with more water if needed, et Robert est votre oncle.


First printed in our sister publication France Today

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